About Us

Cardano Blockchain Educators

The Cardano Community was a vision to make banking available for the historically disenfranchised and giving financial freedom.

In the history of modern culture members of the urban communities have been financially marginalized into positions of inferiority due to lack of financial exposure. With the invention of Blockchain networks, a new form of currency (crypto-currency) give rise to possibilities of acquiring financial freedom like never before.

The purpose of Safe Stake LA is to educate the urban community of the means of technology that will revolutionize the financial world as we know it. Providing positive contributions to the community by being on the frontlines in the community. Spreading the word of cryptocurrencies to businesses, delegators, friends and family and anyone who has an open heart and mind for this ever evolving crypto space.

Safe Stake LA is passionate about the community it serves. We are long time crypto enthusiasts, and have been apart of the cardano family since 2020. We want everyone in the community to be apart of a legacy changing opportunity that will close the gap on financial inequity and create a better world for all.